Friday, January 20, 2012

Why Do Vehicle Thefts Sometimes Increase?

The news website had a story this week on a recent spike in vehicle thefts. Inside the story was this gem from a Spokane Police analyst as she explained the trend:
“My guess is that certain people got out of jail,” Carly Cortright, strategic analyst, said. She continued, “Vehicle theft is not bonded very high. After we arrest them, they’re able to post bond and then start stealing vehicles again.”
Sometimes it really is as simple as this. Often times one or two prolific criminals can wreak havoc with your crime numbers. The trick is trying to figure out just which inmate being released might be responsible. If they are in jail for the same type of crime, that's easy. But what if they are in jail for something else entirely?

Keeping track of your prolific offenders can pay dividends. Do your detectives identify prolific offenders? If so, are they sharing this information with the rest of your agency? Does your agency have a way to monitor releases so you can get notified when one of these offenders is released? Are your folks regularly completing field interrogation reports (FIR) when they contact these folks on the streets and forwarding those FIR's to your crime analysis or intelligence unit?

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