Friday, December 16, 2011

Las Vegas Cops Go To Great Lengths To Nab Boosting Rings

Yesterday, I posted about organized shoplifting rings in Oregon. Later, I found this story at the Las Vegas Sun about how Las Vegas area cops are combating this problem in their jurisdiction with an approach I haven't seen before. 
Enter the Retail Apprehension and Prevention team, or RAP for short. The new undercover initiative operates on a similar premise: Plainclothes officers work in teams, blending in as customers while scouring stores for the crime rings, Seifert said. 
It’s a hunting game as officers discreetly track the suspects from one store to another, watching as they steal hordes of goods, police said. Once officers determine the suspects have established a pattern, they drop their shopper façades and make arrests.
This approach may only make sense in areas with a high concentration of organized shoplifting rings. However, if your jurisdiction is being ate up with boosters, then it might be worth exploring. I'm sure your retailers would appreciate the help.

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