Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How To Explain Predictive Policing

There have been quite a number of news stories about predictive policing. I've written about so many recently, that I had to give my posts about them their own category tag. But the potential for predictive policing has been hard to explain.

This past weekend there was a story over at the Orlando Sentinel looking at Palm Beach County's experiment with predictive policing. In the piece there was this bit:

"If you're driving a car, [current data analysis] is a rear-view mirror," Palm Beach County Sheriff's Maj. Karl Durr said. "Predictive policing is looking forward in the front windshield.

"Law enforcement is constantly looking in rear-view mirror," he said, "and now we're looking forward."

That's probably the most concise analogy for the potential that predictive policing holds for law enforcement that I have seen so far.

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