Friday, November 11, 2011

Austin's Serial Tire Slasher Sent To Prison

Since the mid 1990's residents of the Hyde Park area of Austin have been victimized by a serial tire slasher. Over his rather prolific career, Tommy Joe Kelley has allegedly been responsible for damaging hundreds of tires in the neighborhood. The Austin American Statesman has a story on Kelley's recent trial where he was found guilty and sentenced to the maximum of 10 years in prison. The story included this bit of testimony from convicted slasher.

Kelley, who represented himself during the trial, called the evidence against him circumstantial and said he had been unfairly targeted by police and neighborhood residents because of a 2006 American-Statesman article noting an arrest for criminal mischief.

"Ever since that point, I've been under real tight scrutiny," said Kelley, also known as Tommy Joe Adams.

During his rambling testimony, which was uninterrupted by questioning, Kelley told jurors about what he described as numerous assaults on him that went unpunished and improper arrests by police.

At one point, he said: "I don't walk around carrying a (expletive) knife. I can't. I get stopped so much. I tell you, I get stopped so much I quit buying weed."

Wow, to be so scrutinized that you can't even buy marihuana. What an injustice.

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