Monday, October 31, 2011

No Crime Is Unimportant To The Victim

The New York Times had a story this weekend about the family of a murder victim and what they went through in dealing with this crime. There was a quote from the victim's son in the story that I thought was worth exploring.

“There are hundreds of cases a year that go unsolved,” he said. “It’s a small homicide case. It’s not high-profile. But to me, it’s the biggest thing in the world.”

Deep down inside the most jaded cop, if they were honest they would likely say that they got into law enforcement because they wanted to help people, or as I used to half jokingly tell people, "to crush crime and evil and to make the world safe for women and babies".

Something that we would do well to remember in all our work is that no matter how ordinary a crime might seem to us, it's an extraordinary event to the victim and their family. They deserve our compassion and they deserve our best work.


  1. This is very well stated. Even the smallest crimes can be hard on the victim as each of us deals with obstacles in our lives differently. Losing someone unexpectedly is extremely difficult on the family.


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