Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury

It's not too uncommon for someone to accuse a former flame of a crime in order to get back at them or otherwise make their life miserable. However, it's not often that they go to the lengths this woman is accused of going. The Los Angeles Times has a great piece on what one man went through after he was accused of abducting, torturing and sexually assaulting the mother of his child.

She said Gonzalez ambushed her in the garage, dragged her to an upstairs bedroom, hogtied her with her clothes, singed her with matches and assaulted her vaginally and anally with a wooden coat hanger. Then, she said, he forced a plastic bag over her head and held it tight, and she feigned unconsciousness until he left.

The really terrifying part was that none of it was true.

The detective tried to imagine West hating her son's father enough to injure herself in such a methodical way. Tying the cord around her own neck, cutting off clumps of her hair, battering her own face, burning her own skin … and the other things. His mind strained at the effort.

He'd seen people give themselves a scratch or bruise, to impersonate victims, but nothing like this. "My God," he said, "to this extent?"

The whole piece by Christopher Goffard of the LA Times is worth the read. Hit the link to read it. I'm just glad that this kind of thing is a rarity. There's enough real violent crimes for the police to investigate.

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