Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cops Really Do Fight What You Fear

Yesterday the New York Times had a pretty dramatic story on a fight between an NYPD sergeant and a crook he was trying to arrest.

The man finally pulled the gun from his pants. He had one hand on it, and Sergeant Miller had one hand on it.

“I could feel a really sharp burning pain in my finger, kind of like my nail was being bent back,” said the sergeant said.

Two uniformed officers arrived and raced over. At last Sergeant Miller twisted the revolver away.

“At that point I was completely winded, gassed,” he said. “I had a little bit of shock. And it sunk in then what happened. I realized that my ring finger around the nail bed had been wedged between the hammer and the cylinder of the gun and basically getting crushed in there.”

“During the course of the fight at one point I felt the gun right up against my belly.”

The whole story is a good read. Hit the link to read it. Of course this brings up the fact that even though life and death struggles like this are rare, they are also in the back of every officer's mind when he or she is out on the street.

If you get stopped by an officer, understand that his or her requests for you to stand in one spot, or to keep your hands out of your pockets aren't based in rudeness but are instead attempts by the officer to reduce perceived danger that they face even during mundane contacts like a traffic stop.

No officer wants to end up on one of these websites.

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