Friday, September 9, 2011

The Story Of The Green River Killer Told As A Graphic Novel

This is unusual: has a piece on a book written by the son of one of the cops who worked on the Green River serial killer case. Now, books about notorious serial killers aren't unusual, but the fact that this book is a graphic novel makes it really different.

Gary Leon Ridgway was at large around Seattle for two decades and murdered at least 48 women before being identified by a DNA sample in 2001; the graphic novel picks up after his arrest, when Ridgway partnered with the elder Jensen, a detective on the case, to find as-yet unrecovered victims.

While Jeff Jensen tells the tale, artist Jonathan Case keeps things suspenseful, downplaying the too-easy-to-go-there moments of gore and violence in favor of panels that highlight more honestly what really made the whole investigation so creepy: The very ethos that cops live by — the police procedural — can itself become suspect and perverted when a bad guy gets to tag along for the action.

Now I don't usually read crime stories whether true crime or fiction. For me, it's too much like "taking work home" so I usually read something else. However, I can see the appeal of crime stories for many people. In this case, the graphic novel format makes for an interesting take on the true crime genre. If a true crime book in graphic novel format interests you, you can get a preview or order the book here.

For me, since I don't draw I'll have to stick to a regular novel format for the fictional police procedural book that I've been working on for the past couple of years.

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