Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life Outside Prison Walls Can Be Scary

I've always heard stories about ex-cons who commit crimes in order to get sent back to prison and the life they are most comfortable with. With the exception of a couple of homeless people who I knew who would commit a minor crime on a cold winter night in order to spend one night in a warm jail cell, I kind of dismissed the whole I'm trying to get back into prison thing as legend. However, the Austin American Statesman had a story out of San Antonio that proves that these types of incidents to exist.

Randall Church had spent decades in the Texas prison system. Apparently, life on the outside was just too much so he torched a vacant house and then later asked someone to call police so he could confess.
"Everything had gone fast-forward without me," Church, 46, said. 
He pleaded guilty to arson in the July blaze, which came 96 days after his release for the 1983 killing. 
Church said he felt out of place after getting out of prison. "I didn't know how to use computers or cell phones or the Internet," he said.
I guess for some, "three hots and a cot" beat out Facebook and iPhones. For a more in depth story about Church, there's a longer one at MySanAntonio.com here.

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