Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cyber Stalker Preyed On Victims With Nude Pics

I always enjoy reading about unusual crimes and this one is no different. There's a piece over at the tech website Ars Technica about an unusual cyber stalker who preyed on teen girls. The stalker would hack the victim's computer, search for nude pictures of the victim and threaten to post them publicly if the victim refused his demands. From the piece:

"Mijangos acknowledged he threatened to expose these pictures, and reckoned the threats might look like extortion, but stated that he did so to discourage anyone from contacting the authorities. Mijangos also acknowledged he asked for additional sexual videos but only to determine whether they would actually do it.”

It didn't take long to punch a hole in these claims. The FBI recovered four laptops, a BlackBerry, and a host of USB drives from Mijangos's home; a “filter team” scoured the devices for anything that fit the parameters of the search warrant. After vetting, such material was turned over to the FBI agents working the case, who learned that Mijangos had actually gone after 129 different computers for a total of 230 victims. Forty-four of the victims were juveniles.

After posting this bit, I couldn't help but look at the tally light on my laptop's webcam to make sure it wasn't on. Creepy.

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