Monday, September 19, 2011

Convicted Serial Rapist's Wife Consoled By His Victims

Here in central Texas last week we saw the first trial of a serial rapist dubbed "The Laundry Room Rapist" for his attacks on nine women in Killeen and Copperas Cove apartment complex laundry rooms. The rapist, Bradric Fransaw was convicted and given a life sentence for one of the rapes. The story over at the Killeen Daily Herald had this bit I thought was interesting:
In the middle of his trial Wednesday, Fransaw made a surprise guilty plea after the testimony of three women who identified him as their attacker and the showing of a lengthy video confession in which he showed little remorse. 
Fransaw's attorney, Al Amer, said Fransaw decided to change his plea during a conversation inside the Bell County Jail Tuesday night. 
"He decided to take responsibility for his actions and not put anyone through any more grief," Amer said. 
Fransaw prohibited Amer from calling any character witnesses or arguing any of the state's points during closing arguments. The attorney said it was the first time a client told him not to argue on his or her behalf. 
Much of Fransaw's family, who had been present for earlier hearings, were not present for the verdict. His wife began the trial sitting on the defendant's side of the court room. At its conclusion, she found herself on the prosecution's side, being consoled by Fransaw's alleged victims.
This is a reminder that often times the offender's family are also victimized by the consequences of his actions. What a powerful demonstration of the resilience and humanity of his victims.

It's also a reminder of what's at stake when we seek justice for the victim's in the crimes we work. They deserve our best efforts and nothing less.

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