Thursday, August 25, 2011

There's A New Blog On The Block

I'm always encouraged to hear when crime analysts or cops are starting new blogs about their work. I think that blogging and other forms of social media are a very powerful tool for educating folks about the things we do in law enforcement. Tom Casady who up until recently was the Chief of Police at Lincoln, Nebraska is a very prolific blogger. Now, he's moved up to become Lincoln's Public Safety Director. The good thing is, he's still blogging.

Recently, Tom introduced a new law enforcement blog written by Lincoln PD's Crime Analysis and Intelligence Unit Manager Drew Dasher. Drew has started blogging about Lincoln's efforts at Location Based Policing.

Tom discusses Lincoln's location based policing application P3i in this video from one of the posts at Drew's blog.

Crime analysts are doing some really great work in harnessing technology to help their officers work more efficiently at making their communities safer. It's great that Drew and Tom give us a little peak into what they're doing in Lincoln.

If you're a cop or crime analyst, what are you doing to educate others about the good things you're doing to solve crime problems? Are you using social media? If you're an agency administrator, does your agency's social media policy encourage this kind of positive engagement with the community?

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