Thursday, July 7, 2011

These Crime Analysts Are Serious

When you think of crime analysts here in the U.S. you usually think of a a rather bookish civilian employee of a police department. One who's contribution to fighting crime consists of charts, graphs and bulletins. This story from the Malaysian National News Agency shows their crime analysts in a slightly different light.

Shah Alam Police Chief ACP Ahmad Zahedi Ayob said the man, armed with a parang, had earlier attacked three police officers and his house mate on the second floor of the flat at 9.53pm.

While escaping from the man, one of the police officers knocked down the crime analysis, aged 43.

"While on the floor, the parang wielding man tried to attack the crime analyst who had no choice but to fire his HK P30 pistol in defence," he told reporters here Wednesday.

The crime analyst who has a licence to carry fire arms, suffered injuries to his right knee and finger during the attack.

If you didn't know, a parang is a traditional Malaysian machete.

And to think that at work I'm only armed with a very deadly PowerPoint presentation.


  1. Hi there! Aha! you were talking about me ya! Anyhow, i've recovered since and thanks to the CQC training i had in the Police Department, i was able to react and saves 3 kids and 7 adults who were at the scene from the parang wielding guy who ran amok that day. I took the shot, while lying wounded on the ground, as the last resort in the interest of the public safety. Being an analyst, i guess has its advantage- in crisis, we the analyst, still delivers!

    kamal, malaysia.

  2. Kamal, I'm glad to hear that you are doing better. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the comment!


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