Friday, July 1, 2011

That Didn't Take Long

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal posted a piece about the small town of Alto, Texas laying off their entire police department due to budget woes. I posted about that story here. On Thursday, we find this story from a local media outlet that reports that four people were arrested in an attempt to rob the bank in Alto the same day the Wall Street Journal story came out.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office has handled law enforcement in Alto, located 130 miles southeast of Dallas, since the city council furloughed the five-person police department in mid-June.

Sheriff James Campbell says a call came in Wednesday afternoon about masked people trying to enter a bank in Alto.

The bank in the town of 1,300 had closed for the day and the door was locked, but employees saw a person with a gun and called for help.

Authorities say three men and a woman were caught after a chase to nearby Rusk.

The good thing for the bank is that the bank robbers apparently showed up to rob the bank after the bank had closed and locked their doors for the day.

I wonder if the hapless crooks read the Wall Street Journal article?

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