Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maybe The Warden's Wife Spent Too Much Time With Inmate

It's been a weird week where crime news is concerned and this one is no exception. Back in 1994 a convicted murdered escaped from an Oklahoma prison and the deputy warden's wife disappeared at the same time. Fast forward eleven years later when the convict and the warden's wife were found living together on a chicken farm in Texas. Now the warden's wife is on trial for helping the convict escape. The trial led to this interesting bit over at

Parks told jurors they found several of Dial's paintings stacked against the wall in Parker's garage.

“There was one painting of Bobbi Parker nude. She was standing, looking over her shoulder,” Parks testified. “I motioned for (supervisor) Larry Hahn to come over. … He took it in the house and showed it to Randy Parker.

“I saw Randy Parker looking at this painting. Just almost in tears. Like he just couldn't believe what he was seeing,” Parks told jurors.

While I know it's somewhat traditional, maybe housing the warden and family with the inmates isn't such a good idea.

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