Monday, July 4, 2011

Killeen July 4, 2007 Cold Case Still Haunts

The Killeen Daily Herald is running a piece on a Killeen cold case double homicide from July 4, 2007. From the story:

"It's haunted me since Day One," Ortiz said. "I say me because it's my case. I think about it constantly, every time I pass the store, every time someone mentions Dollar General."

The robbery of the Dollar General left 40-year-old Sheila Reed and 28-year-old Gricelda Ramos dead. Reed was found dead at the scene. Ramos died soon after at a local hospital.

The case is now considered a cold case. Ortiz, the lead detective on the case, is still searching out leads, but one by one, most leads have gone nowhere.

Ortiz said it is a frustrating process. He gets leads that turn out to be phony or not leads at all. He said he is currently working on forensic evidence, but so far nothing solid has come up.

What is known is that sometime between when the Dollar General closed July 3 and when an officer found the bodies at 8:23 a.m. July 4, someone entered the business wearing a mask and wielding a handgun. He robbed the store and killed Reed and Ramos.

While most of us are celebrating the July 4th Holiday today, there are two families for whom this date is not a joyful one. Do you have information on this crime? You can help solve this murder and remain anonymous by providing information to Killeen Crime Stoppers.

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