Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Psychic Tipster Causes Media Ruckus With Hoax Tip of Mass Grave

There's a story over at the Houston Chronicle of a media circus that ensued after a "psychic" tip about a mass grave with dismembered bodies was phoned into Liberty County law enforcement.

"There is no indication that there are in fact any bodies located at this residence or in the shed here," or anywhere on the property, said Liberty County sheriff's Captain Rex Evans, adding that there was no indication that any illegal activity had taken place on the property.

One well-placed law enforcement source called it a wild scene, complete with more than two dozen news reporters and two television helicopters circling overhead. After hours of waiting, authorities finally obtained a search warrant and descended on the home, which sits on a quarter-acre lot in an unincorporated area.

I saw quite a number of state and national media outlets pick up and run with this story yesterday. Now, they are all trying to explain why.

Quite often the media gets upset with law enforcement when we are tight lipped about an investigation. The reason we are often tight lipped is for this very reason. It's usually better for us to wait until we have the facts before we issue a press release. However, nature abhors a vacuum and the media does too. In this case, it looks like they got punked.

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