Monday, June 13, 2011

Port St. Lucie Police Use Crime Notifications To Connect With Community

I thought this bit from the Florida news outlet was interesting.

A new program created by the Police Department helps crack down on neighborhood crimes, especially residential and car buglaries, the city's most frequent crimes.

Through the Neighborhood Crime Notification program, which began in February, residents can now receive reports on where crime is occurring, what types of crimes are occurring, potential suspects and crime prevention tips.

Residents can either go to the Police Department's website to view current crime bulletins, which are broken up by district, or sign up through the department to receive alerts via e-mail.

Social media, email and other technology make it really easy for police agencies to connect with their communities. It's also pretty cheap to do so. For many crimes such as vehicle burglary, it's much more effective to prevent the crime by getting citizens to protect their property than it is to solve the crime after the fact.

How is your agency using social media and other tech to connect with your community?

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