Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ambush of San Antonio Lawman a Cartel Hit?

I was wondering when this would be speculated upon: Officials investigating the ambush slaying of a Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy are looking into the possibility that this slaying was related to Mexican drug cartel violence. From the story over at

“We are working day and night. ... but unfortunately we don't have any results to report as of today,” Ortiz said. “It is very, very frustrating.”

Ortiz said every theory had to be considered, including that the killing bore the hallmarks of a Mexican drug cartel hit. He said the killer or killers did not, apparently, target Vann as an individual but killed him on “the spur of the moment.”

This assassination was very unusual as it appears to be unpremeditated. Usually when a peace officer is killed by gunfire, it is the result of a confrontation. In this instance the deputy was sitting in his marked unit waiting at a stop light when a small white car pulled up next to him and opened fire with an assault rifle.

The reward for information on Sgt. Vann's killer is up to $127,000. There is also information in the story about ways to donate money to help his family. Hit the link to read the article.

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