Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fish Stories A Felony Here In Texas

Thank heavens they have taken care of the scourge caused by misrepresenting your fish. According to the Texas Tribune, the Texas legislature has made lying about the size or weight of your fish during a fishing tournament is now up to a 3rd degree felony.

Fraudulent fishermen better reel it in. The Senate passed a bill today to make cheating in a fishing tournament up to a third-degree felony, sending the measure on to the governor.

HB 1806 expands existing law to all fishing tournaments, from fresh to salt water. It would make it an offense for contestants to give, take, offer or accept a fish not caught as part of the tournament. It would also be an offense to misrepresent a fish.

I'm glad to see that given Texas budget situation, the legislature is taking care of the important things. Thanks to the excellent blog Grits For Breakfast for the heads up.

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