Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You Gotta Help Too

Killeen has seen another person complaining about their rude neighbors. I posted about this a while back. While it's easy to complain that the police aren't doing anything, it must be asked of the people complaining: "What are you willing to do about it?"
"It's like a cat and mouse thing," Rauch said. "As soon as the police leave, they turn the music up. When you call the police, they turn the music off."...Rauch said the police "aren't doing a good job over here. And I'm angry. I'm frustrated - I really, truly am, because I'm just tired of being tired." Source:

The crux of the issue is this. If you call police to complain about your neighbors and the police respond and don't witness a violation of the law, the police can't take action without a person willing to sign a criminal complaint. Rather than taking to the media to whine about this, you could file a report with the police department, provide a sworn statement and sign a criminal complaint. The case would then be referred to the courts and you'd get your day in court.

Fortunately, the US legal system does not allow police to arrest for offenses with no complaining witness. A person accused of a crime has the right to face their accuser in court. Imagine the chaos if police took action based only on anonymous complaints. I'm sure that Ms. Rauch could likely end up the target of such anonymous complaints and I bet she'd really be pitching a fit if she got a ticket or was arrested for such nonsense.

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