Thursday, July 9, 2009

Watcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

The City of Belton's Municipal Court is announcing a warrant amnesty prior to their warrant round up.
The amnesty program is available to those persons with outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants such as traffic offenses and municipal ordinance violations and will be offered until the warrant round-up occurs.

Offenders who voluntarily appear before the Belton Municipal Court during the amnesty period will be permitted to either pay the fines incurred in full or enter into agreement with the city for a repayment plan on the outstanding fines.

Additionally, the city will waive warrant fees for defendants with outstanding warrants during the amnesty period.

The waived fees will save offenders $50 per warrant and could result in a significant savings for persons with multiple warrants, the city said. Source:

It seems like there is a lot more emphasis on city's clearing out their backlogged warrants given the state of our economy. Is this really a pursuit of justice or just a pursuit of revenue? Even with the "$50" dollar off discount you got to wonder. It's a slippery slope to consider fines and court costs as a source of revenue or an alternative to taxation.

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