Monday, July 6, 2009

Still Ticked Off

I previously posted about a Killeen woman arrested after leaving her child locked in a hot car on a 100+ degree day. Apparently the judge is still ticked off about this as he refused to lower her bail.
Ms. Traylor was arraigned Sunday by Justice of the Peace Bill Cook of Killeen on $50,000 bail for abandonment of a child.

Attorney Ted Potter, representing Ms. Traylor, requested a hearing on Thursday to petition Judge Joe Carroll in 27th District Court for a reduction of bail to $2,500.

Potter argued that Ms. Traylor couldn’t afford bail in that amount and unless the bail was reduced to a reasonable amount Ms. Traylor would be forced to remain in jail until trial. He said the state was not ready for trial. Source: Temple Daily Herald

There's an interesting quote from the ADA about it.
Bechtol said Carroll considered the denial on two main points.

The nature of the offense was No.1,” Bechtol said. “And he wanted to ensure she would appear for trial.” Source: Temple Daily Telegram

In spite of her obvious and blatant stupidity, bail is not supposed to be punitive. I'm not sure she's going to get any sympathy any time soon though.

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