Monday, July 6, 2009

Step 1 - Rethink Your Job

The first step in the book Crime Analysis For Problem Solvers is to Rethink Your Job. While Crime Analyst's have come a long way in being seen as credible assets to a law enforcement organization, it's still pretty easy to get thought of as just some "admin pencil pusher". Many times, the responsibility for that view is our own. It's pretty easy to get so bogged down in the routine grind of cranking out periodic statistical reports and meeting deadlines that we fall into a rut. To get out of that rut and head off in a new direction we need to rethink what our job is. The authors put it this way:

Control over information is crucial, and the ability to analyze it is all-important. The person who learns how to do so becomes an essential member of the team. But we are not talking here about power or status. We are referring instead to a challenge facing all police forces: how to solve enduring and repetitive crime problems. Think of yourself as a member of a team helping to solve these problems, with a particular
role in that team. Source: Crime Analysis For Problem Solvers

I don't know about others, but I enjoy discovering new things. Whether it's detecting a new crime series or a new way I can help an officer or detective solve a crime. There's a certain excitement that comes with it. It's sure beats futzing around with a spreadsheet.

In short, you should begin to see yourself as more than just a technician, skilled in manipulating and presenting data. You should become more like a researcher - albeit with a highly practical focus - one who is bringing the very best that science can offer to make policing more effective. Source: Crime Analysis For Problem Solvers
Are you ready to change the way you look at your job?

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