Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Police Impersonator In The Area

This issue pops up occasionally. A delivery driver was pulled over by a man claiming to be a police officer. When the driver questioned the "officer's" credentials the stop went south and led to the delivery driver chasing the fake cop from Florence to Killeen and back down to Georgetown where he was arrested by Williamson County deputies.
"When they looked inside the man's truck, they found a signal light and a badge from an out of state fire department," said Detective John Foster with the Williamson County Sheriff's Department. "He was arrested for impersonating a public servant."

Deputies arrested Eric Dearmitt for the third degree felony. They believe he was a volunteer firefighter in another state and don't yet have a motive as to why he was impersonating an officer.

"You should know immediately if someone is an officer," said Foster. "They should have a marked vehicle and/or many lights. If you see a car with just one light following you, then get over to the right and let them pass. If they continue following you, then call 9-1-1 and let them know." Source:

For every one of these incidents that results in an arrest, there are probably many more persons who've been stopped by this crook and didn't realize he was a fake.

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