Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Is Not Always Better has an interesting article on the use of emergency lights and it's effect on officer safety.
“While it is clear that some lighting is necessary in order to warn approaching motorists of the presence of emergency responders, it is also suspected that too much or certain types of lighting can actually increase the hazard to personnel operating on the scene, particularly during nighttime operations.”

While there is sound evidence that more lighting is not necessarily better than less lighting and evidence does suggest that the combination of lights and flashing lights can create a gaze or “moth effect” on those that are driving towards the lights, the problem with the use of emergency lighting goes much deeper than the issue of the number of lights used.

How lights are used, when they are used, where they are located and what types of lights are used in certain conditions are just some of the topics to consider when giving an officer the keys to a patrol vehicle. Quite frankly, they are topics that I was never taught but they are vitally important to the safety of our officers and the motoring public. Source:

The article is worth the read for those use drive marked cars and those who equip them. Hit the link for the rest of the article.

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