Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Killeen PD To Purchase Citizen Reporting System

Police agencies spend a lot of time taking reports. Often, the reports are for minor offenses. Even though they are minor, they eat up a significant amount of time just creating and processing the reports. That time could be used for doing the things that people expect of the police, catching bad guys.

To improve their efficiency, Killeen Police are working on implementing a system for citizens to file their own reports for minor offenses. This will free up officers' time to focus on other tasks. Killeen Police are planning on purchasing this system with money from the Byrne Justice Assistance Grants. The Killeen City Council approved that purchase last night.
In what was mostly a formality, the Killeen police received permission to use up to $25,699 to purchase software from Coplogic, a California company. The software allows residents to report crimes through the Internet, eliminating the need for officers in minor offenses.

Killeen police will begin detailed negotiations to purchase the software now that they received council approval, Deputy Chief Larry Longwell said.
Source: Killeen Daily Herald

Also approved in this Council action was permission to obtain grant funding for Tasers, bulletproof vests and tobacco enforcement programs.

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