Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heroin Making A Comeback?

Autopsy results on a man found dead in his vehicle in May revealed that the man died of an overdose of cocaine and heroin.
Donald Eugene Hood, 26, was found dead inside his pickup truck outside Patriot Furniture at 2301 W. Central Texas Expressway in Killeen, according to the autopsy report.

Autopsy results showed that Hood died of a lethal combination of drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

A groundskeeper mowing the lawn discovered Hood's body not moving inside the truck on the morning of May 10. Source: Killeen Daily Herald

Ordinarily, this is not a terribly notable event but for the fact that one of the drugs was heroin. In June, Killeen police seized heroin from a Fort Hood soldier in a drug raid. Austin Police recently announced a bust of a large heroin operation in their city. I have some concerns that heroin is going to make a comeback in the area.

Heroin is a very popular drug in certain areas of the US but with the exceptions of certain subcultures in Texas, we had not seen widespread abuse of heroin in Central Texas. All that may be changing. With the popularity on the rise in certain areas, and the deployment of large numbers of soldiers and civilians to Afghanistan this may change.

Afghanistan is the producer of most of the world's illicit opium. More Americans with ties to Central Texas are going to be exposed to heroin. A few of them may even attempt bring some of it back either for personal use or for profit. It may be a good time for local agencies to stock up on their heroin drug test kits.

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