Monday, July 27, 2009

Heights Police Welcomes New Officer

Just a few months after losing his predecesor, Heights Police welcomed their newest K9 to the force.
Heights police swore in "Rokky" on July 14. Rokky, a 2-year-old German Shepherd, fills the void left when the beloved "Lando" entered early retirement in April. Lando, 12, died June 28 in his sleep.

Lando left an indelible mark on the Harker Heights community through his reading program, presence at civic functions and heroism.

Rokky's role encompasses more than crime fighting. He represents the department in the community, beside his handler, Officer Gabrielle Guerra.

"I told him you've got big shoes to fill. Lando was a PR hound. You got to get used to this life," Guerra said.
Source: Killeen Daily Herald

I'm sure he'll have a long a productive career at HHPD.

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