Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heights Police At The Library

Harker Heights Police gave a presentation to kids on scuba diving. The event at the city library was designed to introduce kids to police officers.
Their mother, Jennifer Stark, also enjoyed the presentation. It gives the children a chance to get out of the house and learn about something interesting, something they could do as a hobby, Stark said.

Haley said the police department is excited about doing events such as the one at the library because it teaches children about safety and lets them meet officers.

Often, children fear police officers because their parents tell them they have to behave or they will go to jail, Haley said.

This way "they get to see a police officer up close, so they know we are just like they are," Haley said. Source: Killeen Daily Herald

This sounds like an innovative way to get cops and kids interacting in a positive way.

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