Friday, July 17, 2009

Coach, Meet Your New Cellmate Bubba

A pervy Little River-Academy baseball coach who went on the lam in Mexico after it came out he was sexually abusing young boys got a life prison term.
One of the victims said that Jacobsen told him not to tell anyone, but the boy confided in a friend on his way home from a sleepover at Jacobsen’s home.

Another victim explained how Jacobsen held a knife to his throat. When the teenager asked Jacobsen if he was going to kill him, the man said, “why not?”

The boys’ testimonies during the trial indicated the abuse went on for about a year, but the indictment used to formally charge Jacobsen only alleged abuse from September 2007 to June 2008. That’s because he was indicted under a new get-tough child predator law first enacted in September 2007.

This was the first time the new law had been used in a case in Bell County.

A family member, who cannot be named because it would identify one of the victims, said she was pleased with the sentence.

“And those boys were so brave to get up there and tell all the horrible things that were done to them,” she said. “The prosecutor called him despicable - that is too good a term for people like him.”

She said Jacobsen knew exactly what he was doing when he encouraged the boys over for camping nights and to let them play computer games.

“He built up their trust in him and then took all their trust within months,” she said. “But he’ll never get to do that again.” Source: Temple Daily Telegram

This was a weird one. He's 32. His wife is nearly 60. After the allegations surfaced he and his spouse fled to Mexico along with their little dog too. She was also arrested for helping him to flee but has not had her trial yet.

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