Monday, June 1, 2009

Upping Citizen Involvement

More and more Departments are using Citizen Police Academy (CPA) programs to raise awareness of their Departments in the community. Another benefit is that CPA alumni then become a pool of potential volunteers to help Departments.
When Copperas Cove police need backup, they call on the "Jolly Holleys."

Charles, 68, and Anne Holley, 66, are not officers, but they do possess a secret weapon: their generous hearts.

They fight crime with kindness. They are volunteers who fill necessary community roles that officers would have to fill instead of being on the street.

The list of services they provide to the Cove police from their roles as Citizens Police Academy alumni is extensive and includes playing mock roles in training officers and dispatchers; co-chairing the Kiddo card program, which provides identification cards to children; hosting an annual 9/11 tribute for police and fire officers; assisting with traffic for citywide bike races; aiding Texas Department of Public Safety with installing child safety seats; teaching bicycle safety courses at elementary schools; selling tickets and food for National Night Out Against Crime; and also providing hurricane relief assistance to refugees. Source: Killeen Daily Herald

The CPA program at my Department also has yielded a bunch of great volunteers. If your Department doesn't have a CPA, why not start one?

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