Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TPD Investigating Shooting

Temple Police investigating what at first appeared to be a single vehicle accident determined that the occupant of the vehicle had been shot.
Police responded to two calls, the first of an accident and the second of shots fired, in the 5100 block of Charter Oaks Drive just before 11:00pm.

When officers arrived on the scene they discovered a black Honda sedan in the bushes off the road.

Inside the Honda, the driver, an Hispanic male in his mid to late twenties, suffering from at least two gun shot wounds, one each in the head and upper torso.

The driver was rushed to Scott & White Medical Center with life threatening injuries where he was listed in critical condition Monday night. Source: KWTX.com

As strange as it sounds, there seems to have been a number of shootings in Texas that were initially reported as single vehicle traffic accidents. This is probably due to the prevalence of mobile gunfights or road range incidents.

There are also a bunch of folks keeping guns in their cars nowadays like this Killeen man who managed to shoot himself in the leg while driving in Alvin.

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