Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Stupid To Have Children?

A Killeen child is lucky to be alive, no thanks to his mother. It's been obscenely hot lately yet, this Killeen "mother of the year" candidate left her child locked in a hot car in the middle of the day while she went to the store, then apparently even left the store with someone else.
Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke of Killeen Sunday arraigned Sarah Lowelle Traylor on $50,000 bond on a charge of abandonment of a child. She was transferred from Killeen lockup to the Bell County jail later in the day.

An affidavit of arrest said that at 5:12 p.m. Saturday police officers and emergency medical personnel were summoned to the H-E-B in the 2500 block of Trimmier Road when a passer-by saw the infant boy in the car.

When they arrived at the scene officers were met by Jamie Ochoa, a store employee, who said a customer told him a baby was left unattended, locked inside a green Chevy Cavalier in the parking lot, according to the affidavit. Witnesses said a guardian for the infant could not be located.

Officers said when they looked inside the vehicle the child appeared dazed, confused and fatigued, according to the report. They smashed out the rear window, reached inside and unlocked the door to get the baby out.

Officers said the vehicle’s license plate was broadcast over the store’s public address system. While they were waiting by the car for the owner to show up, police said a car drove up and a woman who they identified as Ms. Traylor got out and said the green Chevy was hers, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit said police asked her if she knew where her son was and she reportedly began to cry and became hysterical.

The report said she told officers she had been shopping with a friend and thought her son was with her boyfriend at his residence.

Police said that later when signing a written statement Ms. Traylor revealed that she told her boyfriend she was going to the store and taking the child with her. In the statement she also wrote that she saw her boyfriend put the child in the car before she left for the store, the affidavit said. Source: Temple Daily Telegram

This is just stupid that defies quantification.

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