Friday, June 5, 2009

Temple Officer Lauded

A TPD Sergeant was honored by his Department as a result of his actions during a fight for his life with an attacker.
The medal is the Temple Police Department’s second-highest award and is presented in recognition of serious injuries suffered in the line of duty as the result of an intentional act by an armed adversary.

“Sgt. Smith is alive today because he used good tactics and kept the will to survive during a situation where the odds quickly stacked against him,” Temple Police Chief Gary O. Smith said.

“Sgt. Gary E. Smith’s bravery and tenacity are an inspiration to all that wear the badge, and exemplify the highest traditions in American policing, which provide the foundation of the Temple Police Department’s motto of ‘Integrity, Honor & Dedication”

Smith was seriously injured in the attack on May 10, 2008 and required seven months of rehabilitation, but has since returned to duty. Source:

Good job Sgt. Smith. I think having two Gary Smith's in a Department could get kind of confusing though.

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