Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I bet this hurt. Coryell County authorities went to arrest a rapist who managed to stab himself in the neck.
The arrest warrant issued for Mobley stems from a series of at least four sexual assaults in June involving the mentally disabled 16-year-old, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies went to the home of Mobley’s aunt and grandmother Friday evening in Gatesville and saw Mobley in the front yard.

He went inside the house and his aunt came outside and asked what the deputies needed, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies responded that they had arrest warrants for him and she said he had gone into the bathroom, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies found him on the floor of the laundry room, bleeding from a neck wound.

When Mobley stood up, the Sheriff’s Office said, a knife was still lodged in his neck. Source: KWTX.com

Not sure that's going to get him a lot of sympathy though.

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