Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making The Artful Dodger Proud

It's not often you see the Feds get involved in arresting pickpockets. However, this group of offenders were unusual.
Federal prosecutors in Virginia have leveled conspiracy and bank-fraud charges against the alleged leader and nine members of a national organization of high-tech pickpockets that’s been the scourge of police around the country since at least early 2007.

The suspects allegedly stole the identities and bank-account information from victims around the country through pickpocketing and other means, including stealing checks from a Washington, D.C., charity-fundraising group. They’re accused of using the information to cash checks through victim accounts in several states.

The charges represent the federal government’s first large-scale swipe at the 200-plus members of “Cannon to the Wiz,” a Chicago-based identity-theft ring known for marrying high-tech fraud techniques with the Dickensian art of pickpocketing. Source:

The article is worth the read. Hit the link above to read the entire story.

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