Wednesday, June 3, 2009

KPD Officers Attacked...By Bees

Police officers are assaulted on the job more than most any other occupation. However, the perpetrators of these assaults are not usually insects.
The city says two Killeen police officers were responding to a traffic accident on Central Texas Expressway Friday night when they were swarmed by bees.

Firefighters were called in to help, but the bees attacked them too.

They used a soapy solution of firefighting foam to kill the bees. The bees were living in an empty building that used to be Tia’s Mexican Restaurant.

Deputy Chief of the Killeen Fire Department, Kenneth Hawthorne, said, “They noticed bees were coming out of plywood around the window, so when they opened the plywood where the window was it was solid bees, millions of bees in there.”

No one was hospitalized, but one firefighter was stung around 30 times. Source:

This is just one more thing for cops to have to worry about.

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