Sunday, June 28, 2009

KPD Fields New Officers

Fifteen new Killeen Police Officers had their badges pinned on Friday. The budget crisis at the City of Killeen hasn't caught up to the Department's efforts to field new officers just yet. However, if things don't turn around I would expect these officers and the one's in the current academy may be the last Killeen PD sees for a while.
Killeen police graduated 15 cadets Friday and 20 cadets started the department's 13th academy class Monday. Killeen police have hired approximately 45 officers in 2009.

While not all officers will pass the academy and field training to reach the street, they are for now part of what Baldwin described as KPDs best recruiting year ever. He credited civil service testing every three months instead of every six months with allowing more people to test.

Citywide budget cuts removed 19 officer slots for this budget year but will not affect these two cadet crops, Baldwin said. Source: Killeen Daily Herald

Congratulations Officers.

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