Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KPD Breaks Up Burglary Ring

Some types of criminals tend to be very prolific. Burglars often top the list. This burglary crew is no exception.
Killeen police identified three men Tuesday suspected in more than 11 burglaries, including one where a stolen 18-wheeler tractor was used to hide an ATM break-in.

Blake Allan Tennimon, 22, a Fort Hood soldier, was in Comanche County Jail Tuesday on charges he, Jesse Flint, 27, and Quentin Render, 31, stole more than $20,000 worth of property and burglarized Sears at the Killeen Mall. The three men are suspected in more than 11 burglaries in Killeen and Harker Heights in May, said Carroll Smith, Killeen police spokeswoman.

Police believe the three men stole a 2000 Freightliner truck from State Highway 195 and Stan Schlueter Loop. It was driven to nearby Club Hypnotic and parked in front of an ATM to give them time to break into the ATM and steal the money vault.

Lampasas sheriff's deputies put the brakes on the spree on May 23 when they stopped the three men in the 12000 block of East U.S. Highway 190 in Kempner. Deputies stopped the men as they were on their way to break into another ATM, the news release stated. The license plate on the vehicle was identified as stolen in a vehicle burglary at Discount Tire. Lampasas sheriff's deputies arrested the three men after speaking with Killeen police. Source: Killeen Daily Herald

The DOJ funded Center For Problem Oriented Policing publishes some outstanding guidebooks for dealing with specific crime problems. One of their publications, "Burglary Of Single Family Houses" quotes a study indicating:
Burglars can be quite prolific: one study found that offenders commonly committed at least two burglaries per week. Some studies suggest there is great variability in the number of burglaries offenders commit.

Burglars do not typically limit their offending to burglary; they participate in a wide range of property, violent and drug related crime. Some burglars, however, appear to specialize in the crime for short periods. Burglars tend to be recidivists: once arrested and convicted, they have the highest rate of further arrests and convictions of all property offenders. Source:

It would seem that this bunch displayed an above average level of sophistication in their criminal endeavors. Perhaps they were putting all that military training to use, but not in a good way.

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