Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Nolanville

I suppose you could chalk this up to the typically strange doings of the Nolanville city government.
The council will "address certain inequities and financial costs resulting from the employment contract with the chief of police, and the cost savings that could be obtained by employing the chief of police on an at-will basis," the meeting's agenda states.

In October, the council agreed to a contract with Police Chief Lester Holsey Jr. after talking about the subject off and on since May 2008.

During the time period from May to October, the council conducted several closed meetings with the city attorney and the police chief.

During the last closed meeting, the council decided to add a 90-day lump sum severance package to Holsey's contract if the council fired him by a supermajority vote, 4 to 1, Holsey said after that meeting.
Source: Killeen Daily Herald

Best of luck to Chief Holsey with this.

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