Thursday, May 21, 2009

Teacher Linked To Killeen Student Death Placed On Leave

A former KISD teacher linked to the death of a Killeen student has been placed on leave by a school district in Virginia where she now works.
A Virginia teacher has been placed on leave after school officials in Loudoun County found a federal report that linked the teacher to a special education student's death in Texas.

The unnamed teacher was hired at Park View High School in Sterling in 2007. She had cleared a background check, and now she's been placed on leave pending an investigation of how she initially got hired.

The student died in 2002 at a middle school in Killeen, Texas. Police say the teacher pinned the child to the floor and laid on top of him, suffocating him to death.

Government investigators said the death was ruled a homicide, but a grand jury did not indict the teacher. Source: WCAV TV

The story of the 2002 death came to light during congressional hearings into the use of restraint holds on special needs children in public schools. I blogged about this testimony earlier this week. The original post is here. Another story from another Virginia news outlet about the teacher is here.

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