Thursday, May 21, 2009

Police Related Bills Could Make It

The Dallas Morning News has an editorial on several bills awaiting the Texas legislatures approval. Two of them could impact police procedures across the state.
A bill to provide safeguards (SB 117) has cleared the Senate, and House members are duty bound to pass it as well. Authored by Sen. Rodney Ellis of Houston and sponsored by Rep. Pete Gallego of Alpine, it requires police to adopt written lineup policies based on best practices established by outside experts. The Dallas House delegation should be the fiercest advocates of this proposal.

A related bill (SB 116) by Ellis, national chairman of the New York-based Innocence Project, addresses the bewildering fact that 25 percent of exonerated men had given false confessions. His bill pushes police agencies to electronically record their suspect interviews as another safeguard on wrongful convictions. It, too, deserves House approval. Source: Dallas Morning News

Thanks to Grits For Breakfast for the heads up.

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