Monday, May 18, 2009

Oldest Profession Not Likely To Go Away

Even though Craigslist is changing their policy on posting "Erotic Services" ads, not much is likely to change for what's know as the world's oldest profession.
The Craigslist announcement made national headlines, but the move is likely to bring only a temporary change to the so-called "world's oldest profession."

Rick Miller prosecutes Bell County's misdemeanor prostitution cases. He supports Craigslist's decision. Miller thinks no online service should make it as easy to commit a crime and as hard to prosecute as Craigslist has done for prostitution.

What has been advertised on street corners, then in newspapers, classified ads and even the Yellow Pages will find a way to carry on, said Mike Gentry, Harker Heights police chief. Source: Killeen Daily Herald
Criminals will always adapt to new technology in their trade whether it's prostitutes, burglars or other crooks. To think that a minor change in policy will make it go away is naive. Craigslist's changes are largely smoke and mirrors. It's not that they won't accept ads for erotic services, they are just going to put them in a different category and likely make the wording be less obvious.

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