Friday, May 8, 2009

New Lineup Proceedures Are Coming

Austin Police are reported to be changing their policy for conducting lineups. Faulty eyewitness identification has been in the news a lot lately as many people convicted based largely on an eyewitness identification have been exonerated by DNA testing.
"It is important for us to have an actual written protocol so we can ensure that regardless of the assignment, regardless of the detective, that they are all doing business the same way on this critical issue," Police Chief Art Acevedo said. "It helps protect the integrity of the investigation, and it strengthens our position in criminal proceedings." Source: Austin American Statesman
It will be interesting to see if legislation pending in the Texas legislator that covers makes it through. We really need a standard to avoid tainting an identification. A faulty identification is an injustice both for the wrongly accused and for the victim who won't get real justice.

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