Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Chief Has Big Plans For Belton PD

Belton PD's new Chief outlines some of his plans for the Department.
“I’ve always loved Central Texas, it feels natural to be here, it just fits, “ said Chief Ellis. “Everyone seemed to be ready for me to come on board and be part of the team.”

As head of the Belton Police Department Chief Ellis plans to implement many goals in the community.

He said he would like to see a full implement in community policing, meaning the police department can’t stop all crime alone; he plans to build community partnerships and have the department become more proactive in the community.

A few ways already planned to help reach that goal is to enhance the development of programs such as the National Night Out, Citizen Police Academy, and the Explorer Post.

He also plans to use the bike patrol more proactively and hopes the department will be more active in agency and civic club community events. The department, partnered with Farmers Insurance has already begun applying this goal by involving the M.I.L.K. program in the Kiwanis Fun Day event and at the BCYC earlier this month.

“We want to build and enhance relationships through out the community,” said Chief Ellis. “We want to earn the trust and friendship of the citizens of Belton.”
Source: Belton Journal

Belton has been experiencing significant growth. A new Chief can bring a new vitality to a Department. This will be an interesting transition to watch.

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