Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Local Constable Inspires Youth To Work Hard

Bell County Constable Peter Yong has for years been known as a serious weightlifter. Now he's inspiring others to pursue his passion.
Luke Mayo's nerves rattled him Saturday, but did not stop him from setting a state power lifting record and winning a gold medal.

Mayo, 17, following the lead of Peter Yong, Bell County deputy constable and his mentor, calmed down after his first lift.

Yong, who also won a gold medal, lived up to the nickname "Mr. Miyagi," from "The Karate Kid," a movie which inspired Mayo.

"Those Asians, they are all laid-back," Mayo joked. "He wasn't nervous at all. He's professional."

The Ellison High School junior set out to bench press a state record of 335 pounds in his 181-pound weight class at Saturday's USA Power Lifting National Championships at the Plaza Hotel.

Mayo set a state record, but missed his lifting goal. Mayo suggested nervousness and impatience may have pressed him to lift too much during his warm-ups, which kept him from lifting 335 pounds during the competition.

"At first I wasn't confident enough how I was going to start with my first lift," Mayo said. "I went all out in warm-ups, so I wasted some of my energy."

Instead he lifted 315 pounds. Less might have meant more for Mayo. Yong urged Mayo to slow down and save his best lifts for last. Mayo did just that and won the gold medal for his weight class.

Mayo credited Yong's training with his success. The same disciplined and demanding training has scared away many workout partners from Yong at Gym X, where he also trains. Source: Killeen Daily Herald

Way to go Luke and way to go Constable Yong.

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