Tuesday, May 19, 2009

KPD Forum Filled With KISD Issues

Killeen Police have sponsored a community forum every year as a way for citizens to air their concerns. Yesterday's community forum generated more discussion of KISD issues than those involving KPD.
In a community forum organized by KPD that often centers on police issues, KISD dominated the discussion at Killeen Civic and Conference Center Monday.

The topic of discussion mostly centered around how KISD polices its students. Phyllis Jones, Killeen NAACP president, inquired about what has been done to stop the escalating rivalry between Palo Alto and Live Oak Ridge middle schools.

Jennifer Washington, a KISD official, said an estimated 100 students and some adults congregated off-campus in February at Robinette and Elms roads to watch a fight during which one student with a knife was detained.

Washington said what was once an athletic rivalry has grown into fights that could be "the beginning of a gang."

Principals at those school have discussed the issue with students and made changes that have prevented any incidents since February, Washington said. Source: Killeen Daily Herald
Police are not always the best solution to crime and disorder problems. The school district closing campuses would solve many of these off-campus student issues during the school day. The big question is, will it take a student being killed during one of these school day off campus altercations to get KISD to come around?

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