Saturday, May 2, 2009

How Much More Trouble Can You Get In

Just to prove that even on death row, it's possible to get in even more trouble a criminal from Bell County has managed to get himself and several members of his family indicted for smuggling cell phones into death row.

A Polk County grand jury also indicted Richard Tabler on a felony retaliation charge. He's accused of threatening to kill state Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston. Officials said Tabler sent a letter to Whitmire.

Tabler’s alleged use of a cell phone from death row sparked the statewide prison sweep, which led to the confiscation of hundreds of banned items, including cell phones and weapons.

The probe was tied to reports accusing Tabler of calling Whitmire and saying he knew the lawmaker’s daughter’s name. Whitmire is chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, which oversees prison operations. He reported the calls to authorities. Source: Houston Chronicle

This guy is liable to continue to be a problem child till the moment they strap him down to the gurney.

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