Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello, You've Reached Death Row

A cell phone number used by a death row inmate from Killeen to threaten a state legislator still works and the legislator wants to know why.
And the senator who faced a death threat from Tabler over the phone caper is demanding to know why.

“The number used should have been taken out of service forever,” said state Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston. “I would hope whoever has it now would not be another inmate. But who knows. Here we go again.”

Whitmire said today he called Tabler’s number on Sunday after spotting it in his cell phone directory — and was surprised when it went to voice mail, with a gruff-sounding man who warned:

“Look, this is my phone. This is my voice mail.

“So, if you’re looking to leave a message, be sure that you’re leaving a message for me, not nobody else.”

Whitmire said he immediately wondered if some other convict was still using the number. After all, prison investigators determined after his arrest that Tabler had borrowed the phone from another death row inhabitant.

“As usual with the (prison) system, it’s what I don’t know that scares me,” said Whitmire, who heads the legislative joint committee that oversees the prison system. Source: Austin American Statesman

There are a number of reasons the number is still working. One could be the number was already reassigned. In spite of the fact that there could be a few legitimate reason the number still works I don't think TDCJ wants to tick this legislator off any further.

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